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I was born and raised in Ukraine, educated in the U.S., and Canada is my home now. I am a professor in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario. I teach graduate courses in our Library and Information Science Graduate Programs (MLIS and PhD LIS). The current courses are on Organization of Information (IO), Multilingual Information Access (MLIA), and Natural Language Processing (NLP). I am also affiliated with the Linguistics Program at Western. I supervise graduate students in MLIS, PhD LIS, Linguistics, and occasionally serve as an examiner in the Computer Science Department and at the Faculty of Education at Western.

As a researcher, I specialize in information retrieval and natural language processing techniques that enable analyses of texts to identify, extract, and organize structured knowledge. In my lab, LiT.RL, my students and I study complex human information behaviors that are, at least partly, expressed through language such as deception, uncertainty, credibility, and emotions. The emphasis this year is on identifying misleading news with text analytics.