Alex Mayhew is a LIS PhD candidate in FIMS working with Dr Grant Campbell. His current project is creating a new cataloguing paradigm he calls Phylomemetics. A Phylomemetic Catalogue would allow users to create links between the catalogue records, adding meaningful connections. This paradigm draws inspiration from biological phylogenetics, the literature concept of tropes, and the cultural concept of memes.

His other notable project is Aging Justice, an extension of the Social Justice concept of Health Justice into the area of aging. Under this framework, he suggests that the natural reduction in capacities caused by biological aging is increasingly subject to human influence, and thus is just as much a Social Justice issue as other health concerns. He earned an MLIS in 2016 also at FIMS. Before that he earned an Undergrad degree in Philosophy at the University of Ottawa. He is interested in thinking tools and philosophical engineering, particularly knowledge organization.

In 2021-2022, Alex has been working with Dr. Rubin and the rest of the LiT.RL group researchers on the “Rewiring for Happiness” Project.

See Alex’s YouTube channel for recordings of his sample works.