NEWS VERIFICATION : Identifying Deliberate Misinformation with Text Analytics


This 2015-2018 SSHRC-funded research has enabled the creation of the LiT.RL News Verification Browser, a suite of software applications that automatically identify deliberately deceptive or misleading information in online news. Read more ...


The LiT.RL News Verification Browser assesses each visited news website for the presence of clickbait, falsified news, or satirical fakes, and highlights them by category. See this 3-minute live functionality screen capture for news browsing on Thur., Oct. 11, 2018. Coming up shortly: a call for study participants to try it out.


This project resulted in sharable outcomes: "Tools-to-Go" is the software we share via GitHub, "Data-to-Go" are databases of training and testing data available to the scientific research community and the broader interested public. These resources are meant for experimentation, validation of our results, and general perusal. You will find our publications in recent scientific conferences proceeding, academic journals, and in the media, as we disseminate what we have learned in the process.