NEWS VERIFICATION PROJECT coverage is documented in the "Newsbits 'n Bytes" Blog.

In short, our project has had some local Canadian media coverage (CTV London, March 1, 2017) and national radio interviews on CBC Ontario Morning with Wei Chen and “Hear and Now” with Gill Deacon (on March 1, 2017), in the Western NewsUnraveling the ‘tangled knot’ of online news” in the January 21, 2016 issue, and the February 16, 2017 issue in an article titled “Separating fact from fiction using a ‘fake news’ algorithm”. The research team's was also profiled nationally in "Researchers at Western build satire detector for news websites" on August 14, 2017.

Internationally, “BBC Futures” listed our work as tackling the world’s greatest challenges in 21st century in “Lies, propaganda and fake news: A challenge for our age” (on March 1, 2017). The German published the piece "Fake-News: Können Algorithmen Falschmeldungen entlarven?" (on January 17, 2017). Australian radio show "Talk the Talk" recorded Rubin and Cornwell for a podcast on deception and satire detection. The MIT’s Undark Magazine also commissioned Chen, Conroy and Rubin to write an op-ed entitled, "Education and Automation: Tools for Navigating a Sea of Fake News" (on November 23, 2016).

Other interviewes were mentioned in the "Newsbits 'n Bytes" Blog.