Rewiring for Happiness (2021-22): “Computing for Kinder, Healthier, and Compassionate Life Experiences with Information Commutation Technologies (ICTs)”

This Western-funded project is our new research direction. It is about re-thinking our current information sharing spaces and offering new ways of interacting with (or via) ICTs. We aim to create a paradigm shift towards positive computing which is rooted in empirical psychology and supported by NLP (Natural Language Processing) methodologies and UI (User Interface) design.

News Verification (2015-19)

This SSHRC-funded research (in 2015-2018) has enabled creation of the News Verification Browser, a suite of software applications that automatically identify deliberately deceptive or misleading information in online news.

Deception Detection (2010-14)

This project, as a predecessor of the 2015-19 News Verification Project, experimented with developing novel discourse-based tools to alert information users to potential deception in computer-mediated texts and social media.

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