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NO ENGLISH!? I mean, you can’t read English? Don’t let it be a barrier to accessing information on this website. It can now be automatically translated into 91 languages. Translated perfectly!? No, of course not. Rather imperfectly, unfortunately.

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Select TRANSLATE ยป button, and Google statistical machine translation (MT), known as Google Translate, will give you an approximate idea of what is contained on this page.


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A Russian-speaking relative of mine e-mailed me recently saying that he stumbled across my website and loved it. “What is it exactly that I do?”, he added. I thought it to be ironic since the idea of the website is the transparency of my professional life. Clearly, something had to be done. Thanks, Olezhka, and hope this feature helps!

Please let me know if you see any problems with the functionality. Although I can’t help with fixing any translation issues. Apologies in advance, if it’s incorrect in your language of choice.

Please read more about machine translation and its shortcomings and benefits. Incidentally, there are other MT systems around as well such as Babelfish and Bing, for instance.

Du yus pikin glish Guatemala T-shirt
“Do you speak English” T-Shirts, spelled as pronounced by non-English speakers, sold at the Chichi market in Guatemala (Source:

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