Two Chatbots Chatting

There is a video of two Cleverbots chatting to each other: I am not so sure that the video is as deep and meaningful as it’s being credited with, but what’s curious is that one of them at one point accuses the other of lying.

1: “Do you believe in reincarnation?”
2: “Yes”
1: “How many times have you been reincarnated?”
2: “Never” ……..
1: “That is a lie”

“That’s not true” comes up another time. Not only that. There are also quite a few entertaining nonsensical statements and replies, but also poetry and pearls of wisdom in the script.

Here is another more realistic chatbot conversation:
In this script one of the bots is so inconsistent that it sounds like the bot first lied than admitted to it.

Deception appears to be a hallmark of humanity for the programmers of both sets of chatbots. Rightfully so. What do you think?

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