Invited Talk: From Data to Business Value

“From Data to Business Value: Principles, Technologies and Organizational Forms”
An invited talk by Dimitri Popolov, PhD, Data Scientist & Architect at DataSkill

Tuesday, March 15th, @ 10:30-11:50, North Campus Building (NCB) #293

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  1. Principles of data processing from human-computer interaction viewpoint.
  2. Current buzz words for data processing demystified.
  3. What type of organization you might find yourself working for: IT depts, consulting, software vendors, partners, R&D, start ups.

I would like to invite FIMS & Linguistics communities to attend a talk by a Text Analytics practitioner from one of the IBM partner companies. The talk was originally planned for my students in an introductory NLP course (LIS9732/9832 details here) but as the speaker and I have been negotiating the talk’s content, it occurred to me that many of our other students can benefit from such a general orientation to “IT industry and IT innovation 101”, as Dr. Popolov puts it. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work in tech. industry, please stop by!

About the Speaker:

“Dimitri Popolov, PhD, Data Scientist & Architect at Dataskill.


Dr. Popolov leads DataSkill’s Acumi product team and sales engineering. He is responsible for the product roadmap and designing the Acumi Intelligence solution for various market solutions. Prior to joining DataSkill in 2013, Dimitri led the IBM Russia team in launching the IBM Content Analytics (ICA) across the Russian market and contributing to the design and development of the IBM analytical solution stack. Dimitri received a PhD in Computer Sciences & Engineering from De Montfort University – Leicester, UK. He conducted research in Computer-Mediated Communication and Human-Computer Interaction, designing a Java client-server tool for spatial visualization of complex structures in text conversations. Dimitri also holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia.”

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