LiT.RL NV Browser Passes Peer-Review for Journal of Open Source Code Software (JOSS)

Congratulations to the whole LiT.RL team! Our peer-reviewed JOSS publication is out as of March 9th, 2019!

Details: In December 2018 we released the source code for our in-house application, called News Verification Browser. See an FAQ on its functionality. The source code, residing in our GitHub repository, has just been through an intensive 3 month peer-review process by the The Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS). We are thankful to the two reviewers’ comments and suggestions and the Editor’s oversight of the peer-review process.

Please find the paper now officially accepted for publication at the corresponding JOSS URL. The official citation JOSS suggested hides the role of the team with “et al.” We suggest an alternative complete citation:

Rubin, Victoria L.; Brogly, Chris; Conroy, Nadia; Chen, Yimin; Cornwell, Sarah E.; Asubiaro, Toluwase V.

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