Dr. Rubin’s Interview with Youth Time International Movement

Youth Time International Movement representative, Olivia Hupp, reached out to me for an interview about the Psychology of Misinformation. I gladly agreed to participate. The Youth Time International Movement is based in Prague, Czechia. It is a nonprofit organization which, in Olivia’s words, is “geared towards empowering the youth (18-35) to find solutions and take the most active role in shaping their respective communities and our global community.” Olivia and her team are running a webinar series entitled “Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability.” We recorded it in early May 2021. My conversation with Olivia focuses on mis- and disinformation, contributing factors and potential solutions. It’s not a lecture but rather a chat or a Q&A which runs about 40 minutes. The recording has good sound quality and decent visuals but unfortunately the video sometimes legs behind. (I blame COVID-time Internet connections during full on online learning in every household in Ontario, with multiple Zooms per family). In any case, if this topic interests you, here is the YouTube link: https://youtu.be/kla0JmVg5yo


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