Spring 2022 End-of-Term Digital Wall

Mis- & Disinformation Case Studies: How to Curb the Infodemic?

To see our interactive digital wall of infographics, click on the button or screenshot. The digital wall is an end-of-course presentation of Case Studies for a graduate class (FIMS9328), taught by Prof. Rubin (in the Winter 2022 term) at the Faculty of Information and Media Studies (FIMS) at Western University in London, ON, CANADA.

We offer a set of 25 real-life Cases in which FIMS graduate students investigate elements of false or misleading information, or which may have involved manipulative or deceptive behavior. Each Case Study shows the respective student’s name, their abstract that summarize the Case Study content, and either an iconographic, bookmark, or a lesson plan that the student created to curb such type of mis- or disinformation. The task was to show – in simple easy-to-read but informative graphic or sequential steps – some potential countermeasures to mis- and informative, manipulative practices, like the ones in their respective Case Studies. What should be done to detect, deter, or prevent similar cases of mis- or disinformation? These cumulative ideas can be used for creating educational campaigns, informational websites, library bookmarks, or other initiatives that show step-by-step intervention to curb the infodemic.*

Victoria L. Rubin (Editor). 20 April 2022
Citations and Definitions *†‡  : https://sway.office.com/LoVJGhUiWpTOUCYr

(same URL as on the button and screenshot above)

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