The Multilingual Information Access Course Poster Session was held on 8 December 2015 at FIMS, Western University, London, Canada. It was well-attended and a great success! Below is the picture of the 2015 poster session presenters.

[Left to right, front to back: MLIS Students Andrea Johnson, Lance Fox, Cassandra Lopes, Michael Iannozzi, Stephanie Park, Amanda Denman, Svitlana Maluzynsky, Jenna Waite, Shenuri Nugawila, Agata Tarkowski, Heather Brinkman, Lauren Doyle, Valerie Casbourn, Vernica Nageswaran, Catherine Clemo, and Dr. Victoria Rubin]

See also the official announcement documenting the event as well as the pictures of the informational leaflets for each language and country in the posters.

Poster Session MLIA 9732


Well-done, everyone who participated and thank you to those who came out to support the presenters!

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