Heritage Fair in London: Snapshots in Time


Heritage Fair. London: Snapshots in Time
Saturday, February 13, 2016 (9 a.m. –3 p.m.)
The Central London Public Library Branch at 251 Dundas St.
Free & open to the public

Here is a message that came from a former student of mine, Lisa Lawlis who is currently on a co-op placement at the Western Libraries Archives: “I wanted to share this event with you to share with your class that is happening at the downtown London Public Library in February! It’s based around local heritage and is a great way for students who don’t know a lot about London to learn more! (and best part is, its completely free!) I attached a pamphlet for the event. Here is the link for the event, http://www.londonculture.ca/things-we-do/heritage-fair“. Looking at the details of the event, it sounds fascinating!


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