Community Building at FIMS

Catan-Cover-700x746_AttributedOne of the Western University campus newspapers, Western News, acknowledges community building efforts by a FIMS Professor, Dr. Sarah Roberts. “Faculty of Information and Media Studies professor Sarah Roberts has created something of a hub for analog game enthusiasts in the faculty – the FIMS Gaming Club, a group that meets Fridays to play and study various analog games.” Her new course on analogue games is also praised as innovative and much needed piece of the puzzle within our MLIS curriculum. See the full article here. Sarah Roberts also blogs periodically at The Illusion of Volition Blog.

Way to go, FIMS Gaming Club! It sounds like a lot of fun! And, of course, a huge thank you to Sarah for putting in her time, expertise, and effort into creating an all-inclusive atmosphere of collegiality at FIMS!

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