Student Poster Session: Multilingual Access

On December 6th, 2016 (Tue) ⑨:00 – ⑪:50 a.m. we will be holding Student Poster Session on MULTILINGUAL INFORMATION ACCESS in various global contexts. Western FIMS & Linguistics and broader community welcome! See course description here.
Location: Graduate Research Center, Faculty of Information Media Studies, 2nd floor, North Campus Building, Western University.


See our posters around campus!

Below is the list of presenters and tentative poster topics:

Ada Wassink

Keeping the  Inuktitut Language Alive

Adwoa Amampene

Multilinguality in Today’s World- The case of Buli in Ghana
Albandry Aldossari

Comparing Arabic in Israel and French and English in Canada: Technical Challenges

Amal Alrashidi

Arabic in the Digital World

Ariella Elema

Language and Unity in the Republic of Georgia

Cameron Gordon

Information Access & Retrieval in Japan

Cameron Wheaton

Hierarchy, Nationalism and Urdu Language in Pakistan

Charlotte   Brun

Arabic and French in  Mauritania: Looking at the Impact of Colonialization on Information Access

Eduard Sviridenko

Tatar: Language Barriers in Writing and Speaking

Elizabeth Sallese 

Ciao da Italia: a brief introduction to the Italian Language

Jennifer Roy

The Romanian Language in Romania 

Joe Maher 

It’s like they are speaking French”: Haitian Creole

Leith Wrightman

Information Access in Paradise: French and Haitian in French Polynesia

Lisa Lawlis

Greek and Information Resources

Maritza Andagoya

The challenge of information access in the Kichwa language of Ecuador

Michaela Posthumus

Korero te reo:  Māori  Language Revitalization in Aotearoa

Mikyala Redden

Socio-cultural practices and the Swedish Language in the Kingdom of Sweden

Rachel Forbes

Language, Libraries and Information Access in the Netherlands

Shuting Zhang

MLIS Technology Support for Danish Language in a Global Context

Stephanie George

Preserving Ojibwe Through Technology Use

Susan Forsythe

Poverty and Access to the Internet? (Angola)

Thom Albertini

Accessing Information from the Roof of the World (Tibetan in China)

Tolu Asubiaro

Local Language Use in a Nigerian Context

Vanessa Szpurko

Language Use as Marker of National Identity in Ukraine

Victoria  Wong

Gàidhlig ann an Alba: Revitializing Scottish Gaelic in Scotland




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