Satire Detector Online: How-To-Use Guide

After over year of R&D and testing, our lab has put out an automated Satire Detector which is currently available online – PC or mobile – for you to try! Three improtant things to know about the Satire Detector:
1. It’s a stand alone tool which has the potential to be further incorporated in browsers.
2. It’s a proof of concept and the methodology is being further developed an improved. Please excuse our errors, if they happen.
3. It’s a narrow-purpose tool. Much like a coffee-maker will try to brew coffee out of sand, if (!) you load it with sand, the Satire Detector will try to call any input either satirical fakes or legitimate news. Please use it with discretion!

How-to-Use Guide:

Step 1. Find Satire Detector Online (PC or handheld):

Step 2. Agree to participate in the study.

Step 3. Cut & paste news text.










Step 4. Get & review the results (it takes 5-10 sec).

Step 5. Let us know if it’s right.

 Step 6. See thanks & more info link. Another one?











We presented a technical paper about this prototype at the NAACL-HLT conference in San Diego, CA, in June 2016. Here is the conference proceedings paper that may answer your further questions.

Your input for the study is much appreciated!

If you have feedback and want to communicate it to us more, you are welcome to do so via our web contact page.

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