New FIMS Course on “Misinformation and Viral Deception”, January – April, 2019

In Winter 2019 Dr. Rubin is offering a new special topic interdisciplinary course “Misinformation & Viral Deception (FIMS 9328)” which will be open to FIMS graduate students, including those interested primarily in journalism and communication, or media studies, or library, information science and technologies. A variety of expertise, backgrounds, and interests in the classroom will be nurtured and encouraged in this interdisciplinary endeavor.

The course is closely related to research that the LiT.RL team has been conducting in the past 5-6 years including a recent 2015-2018 SSHRC-sponsored News Verification Project that culminated in the News Verification Browser development. See more details about the course content, objectives and initial planning here.

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