LiT.RL Welcomes New PhD Student, Nicole Delellis

Nicole is joining the FIMS PhD Program in LIS and we are excited to have her on board of our LiT.RL team! Nicole is no stranger to the group. She has previously volunteered by doing some transcriptions and data entry, she has set in on several lab meetings and has been part of 8-months guided research study with Dr. Rubin. Her profile will be updated as we go. Meanwhile, she already has a couple of poster presentations behind her belt, and a short paper in the ASIS&T2018 Proceedings. She is currently working with Dr. Rubin on a joint-authorship book chapter that reports the results of her guided research project in her MLIS capacity. Not a bad way to enter a PhD with a couple of first-authored pubs!

[Here is one of them:
Delellis, Nicole and Rubin, Victoria L. (2018) “Educators’ Perceptions of Information Literacy and Skills Required to Spot ‘Fake News’ “, In the Proceedings for the Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T): Building and Sustaining an Ethical Future with Emerging Technology, November 10-14, 2019, Vancouver, Canada]


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