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On Saturday, September 14, many units on campus will be participating in a London event called “Doors Open London”, where and in the city open our doors to the public. Some of you and your families may want to be part of the FIMS events. If so, you could join us for our Library, Studio, and Research Exhibits.
One of our researchers, Amanda Grzyb, and her team will have a photo exhibit for a memory project in El Salvador.
Marni Harrington, the Associate Librarian in charge of the FIMS Graduate Library, and her staff are setting up a Land Acknowledgement exhibit.
My Doctoral Students from the LiT.RL team and I, Vicki Rubin, will also welcome you when you stop by and be happy to chat with you. We have a couple of computers at the FIMS Library dedicated to visitors trying out our innovative software that can automatically identify clickbait, satirical fakes, and falsehoods in news. You can see how it works in a two-minute video demo, or you might want to give it a try on any of your favorite news websites. Come talk to us, the researchers, who were involved in its creation:
How did we do it? How good is it really? And, how much does it help with the “fake news” epidemic?
The LiT.RL team will have large academic posters with illustrations to walk you through the Research & Development process from the conception of the idea in 2014/15 to its current proof-of-concept tool, News Verification Browser. It’s an open source software (available on GitHub) and you can download, install, play with or improve on it, if you’re so inclined.
Hope to see you there between 11 am and 3 pm, at the FIMS and Nursing Building, 3rd floor , at the Graduate Library.
Other Western Sites you may want to stop by include:
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