Dr. Rubin Gives Three-Minute R&D Talk

In just a few words, we compute natural language patterns to identify varieties of fakes in online news. Is 3 minutes enough time to talk about it? Hardly, but you get a better sense of it:

The 3-minute format was an imposed requirement by the Organizers of the 3MTalks. In practice, it’s either a turtle speed “elevator pitch” or a supersonic jet “research pitch”. I can’t decide on the exact breed.
The point was to demonstrate how one’s research could be described in 3 minutes, and to encourage Western students to come up with their own supersonic Thesis Talks to participate in the 2020 3MT Competition. It is a valuable exercise in attempting to summarize and simplify your research, explain yourself to others while avoiding complicated specialized jargon. I heard some fantastic talks by other researchers at Western!
The format of course is not ideal for in depth discussions or audience input but it serves a promo-explanatory function. Plus, you quickly learn that while communication is important, performing is a skill that you were never really prepared for in the academe.
See for yourselves! Comments are always welcome.

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