Misinformation & Disinformation Book Project Underway

As the academic term is coming to its end, I am formally starting the process of assembling materials for an 8-10 chapter book, tentatively called “Misinformation and Disinformation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives.” This book will be loosely based on the course topics I just taught at FIMS, Western. The course goals are described on my Teaching Website here. In brief, it is a thorough look at the notions of truth, deception, misinformation, disinformation and information manipulation from several evidence-based branches of science (such as interpersonal psychology and automated deception detection) and common societal practices (such as information literacy in libraries and credibility assessment in criminal cases).

The intended audience for this nascent book is students or instructors in North American academic institutions. It will most likely target audiences at various Library and Information Science, Journalism, Communication and Media Studies schools.

What makes me qualified to contribute in the area of mis-/disinformation?
I have been reading, researching, and publishing shorter academic works in the areas of deception and deception detection since 2010. I have supervised development of the deception detection associated technologies. The time is right for an longer form publication!

How can you help?

If you are a Student or an Instructor, your feedback on inclusion of topics in the book chapters is potentially helpful. Please use comment section below, come talk to me at FIMS, or write to me directly.

If you are an Editor or a Publisher looking to commission a book on the topic, please write to me directly.

If you are a Journalist or an Expert in the field who can put me in touch with a respected publishing house or editor, please write to me directly.


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